Carpet Excitement!

Today is carpet install day in the basement!  We are very excited for this major step in getting the basement put back together.  We took a few weeks before deciding to put carpet back in the basement.  We considered stained concrete, vinyl plank flooring, replacing the padding that was removed, and new carpet.  I was worried with the “harder” flooring liked stained concrete and vinyl plank (which we have in the bar and bathroom, and love) that the basement would feel cold and have an echo.  There are only so many area rugs you can put down before it the floor starts looking like a patchwork quilt and not a in a good way.  We could have had new padding installed and the carpet re-stretched because it is actually in decent shape, but I have really disliked this carpet from the day we looked at the house the first time.  I always wanted to replace it someday, someday just came sooner than we expected.  That’s what happens when you get 7″ of rain in 8 hours.

This is what it looked like just before the installers arrived.  The lighting for these pictures is not good, because well, basement.

This is the main open area of the basement and where the bulk of the carpet that got wet is.  The room that has the sump pump closet is to the right of this and where the water originated from.  Since that room is a workout room we decided not to put carpet back and installed foam tiles instead.  That was a really easy project and if by chance we get water again (I sure hope not!), we will have those closest to the sump pump instead of carpet.   Those carpet rolls are actually from the workout room.


This is the spot at the bottom of the stairs.  The padding and carpet here were mostly dry (the right of the column was wet), but since it wasn’t reasonable to replace only some of the carpet it goes.

Media room waiting for carpet.


This is the carpet we chose.  The free installation, removal and haul away was impossible to beat.  Its is actually a stock carpet that they keep in the store, but due to the fact we needed around 1800 sq ft it had to be special ordered.  The carpet is a neutral greige that will lighten the space and help take it out of the 1990’s.

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