Curb Appeal Game Changer

The Old Door

If ever there was a door stuck in the early 90’s, this one was it.  Plain white, dated glass inserts that were falling into the doors, and a worn brass handle set.  As an added bonus, if the doors were unlocked and a slight breeze came through the door would blow open.  If the doors were closed and locked you could feel the breeze underneath them.  I don’t think this qualifies as energy efficient.


We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted.  Hubs wanted a wood finish and I wanted a lot of glass with few lights/panes.  I started perusing pinterest to find images to show our contractor.  I came up with these.


We would not have an arched top but the rest was right.


Ordering New Doors

We decided on a fiberglass 3/4 panel 6 light (panes) door set.  He took these and worked to figure out where the doors should be ordered from.  Home Depot ended up being the winner for Thermatru doors.  We signed off on the quote and the order was placed.  The waiting began.  The waiting continued.  The estimated time for delivery passed.  Calls were made and we were informed that the order was in some limbo place in their system.  The order had never actually been placed with the manufacturer.  We were not pleased but it didn’t seem there was anything we could do and the order was then placed for real and the waiting started over.

After 6 more weeks our contractor got a call that the order was in.  The time had come and we would get our new front doors, or so we thought.  What actually arrived was a pane insert for doors, but no doors.  It was kind of comical at this point that one order for some doors could go so wrong.  We decided to cancel the whole order and unfortunately it came to light at this particular Home Depot location that there was a particular employee who had made a number of big mistakes.

So here we were back at square one.  I decided to email Home Depot customer service because I thought they should have a system for catching errors like this.  Exterior doors are expensive and they had a whole bunch of money tied up with out having placed an order.  I received emails from their corporate office and phone calls from the store closest to our house.  As a result of the response I got I threw caution to the wind and went ahead and placed the order again with the store by our house.  At this point what else could go wrong?  Our contractor had refunded the money for the doors because he was as fed up as we were and he felt bad so I was going to go ahead and use the Home Depot installer.  He came out and did the measurement that they require before they order the doors and the order was truly placed.  For real this time.  I asked to be certain!

Installing the Doors

Less than 6 weeks later we got the call; the doors were in.  There were actual doors this time and the install was scheduled.  For February.  In the Midwest.  After all these delays the timing for a front door install was pretty bad.  The actual install went off without a hitch, assuming you don’t count 30 degree weather.


The New Door


Isn’t Zoe a cutie?



Now all I need is someone to come teach me how to not be the worst Windexer ever.  Streak free glass and mirrors are not in my skill set for some reason.  Puppy noses don’t help either but they sure are cute.



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