Fun Foam Tiles

When the basement flooded we really considered a number of options for floor replacement.  Ultimately we decided to put new carpet back in, but for this one room we decided it didn’t make sense.  Instead we chose to install foam floor tiles.   This type of flooring is a better choice than carpet for this space and there was definitely a savings factor.   All you need to install these is a sharp knife and a framing square.  Most of the tiles go together quickly like like doing a puzzle where you know exactly where the pieces go.  We have some interesting angles in this room, but even with those angled cuts this took only an hour or two.

Installing the foam flooring directly over concrete


We started on one side working our way across using the square to measure and cut straight lines.



When the new carpet is installed it will meet up with the foam tiles in the center of this doorway.  We may use double sided tape to hold them down.  I don’t really like metal or wood floor transitions.  The tile is the perfect height to fit underneath the baseboards.

The sump pump closet is in the back corner of this room.  We have taken measures to hopefully prevent something like this from happening again, but there is additional comfort in knowing the flooring surrounding the sump pump are foam tiles that will dry out if they ever got wet.


The completed floors.





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