Simple and easy bathroom shelf

I had planned for floating shelf above the toilet in the master bathroom, but the Petersik’s from YHL did a post featuring some great bracket options that had me questioning that plan.  I found a particular black set very visually appealing and the price was almost too good to be true.  I decided that I should just order them and see how I liked them in person.  Once they arrived I was happy to find I liked them just as much in person.  Now I had to get some wood for the shelf itself.  I didn’t have anything that would work in the garage, so I had 2′ of an oak 1×8 cut at Home Depot.  The linear foot price on this is $3.52 so at this point I was still not out much money for this small project.  Plus having it cut at the store meant that I wouldn’t have any sawdust to sweep or vacuum in the garage!  After sanding it, I did two coats of Minwax espresso stain and then used finishing wax.    I secured it to the wall with drywall anchors since I wasn’t going to hit a stud with either bracket and I would feel comfortable putting something pretty heavy on it.


The coral in this apoethcary jar was picked up on the beaches during our honeymoon!


Here you can see the simple details of the brackets.  Black screws almost disappear.



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Drying Hydrangeas


Drying hydrangeas is one of the easiest things I have ever done.  Its amazing how beautiful they turn out for almost no effort.  The colors of the limelight hydrangeas preserves beautifully.   I kept these stored in closet in another unused jar and then just carefully placed them in this vase.

Steps to drying hydrangeas

  1. Cut hydrangeas
  2. Remove leaves from stems
  3. Put hydrangeas in vase, jar, etc with water filled about halfway
  4. Let water dry up
  5. Enjoy beautiful dried hygrangeas
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