Diagnosing the Dryer

At the beginning of the week our dryer went on strike.  It would turn on, but no heat would come out.  This is has happened twice before.  The first two times it was the heating element.  The first time I called an appliance repair company and they replaced the heating element for somewhere around $200.  The second time we got crafty and did it ourselves with the help of Youtube.  It was an easy repair taking only 30 minutes and about $20!  I assumed that I would just be doing that again so I ordered a new heating element and waited for it to arrive.   I took the dryer apart (using the same Youtube video as last time) and replaced the heating element.   The old one didn’t look broken but I figured I could be just missing it and went ahead and put the new one in.   I got the dryer put back together, plugged it in, turned it on and NO HEAT!

Re-diagnosing the Dryer

Back at square one, I decided to do some more research.  I learned that there are few other small, cheap, easily replaced parts that might be causing the lack of heat.  I didn’t want to just replace them without knowing which one was really the problem so I ran to the hardware store and picked up a multimeter.  This was going to tell me which parts had continuity (were working) and which didn’t.  I tested the thermistor, thermostat and thermal fuse and the thermal fuse was the guilty party.  I ordered one on amazon and sprang for the $3.99 one day shipping.  I’m still waiting for it to arrive today, in the mean time laundry has been piling up.  I called the appliance guy to find out when he could come if my repair attempts fail.  He can’t get here until Tuesday so the laundry situation could get a little dicey if the thermal fuse doesn’t work.  I’ve been drying small amounts of the backs of kitchen chairs and laundry room counters, but with a soccer tournament this weekend the uniform situation could be stinky.


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