Kitchen Backsplash Reveal

Over the course of last week I worked on installing and painting a new backsplash for our kitchen.  I worked in smaller windows of time over the course of the week, so the project took a few days to complete.  After living in our home for 16 months without any backsplash, taking a couple of extra days to do this was hardly going to matter.  Plus, I was able to still use the kitchen for the whole preparing meals and eating thing so that was good.  I have to admit now that I do wish it hadn’t taken me so long to decide on (spot in real estate pictures) a backsplash that I loved because now that is done I wish I had been able to enjoy this backsplash much sooner.  You might not think backsplash makes that big of an impact, but I am here to tell that it does, well to me at least.  Its quite possible that I someone would come into the kitchen and not even notice a difference.

We hadn’t been able to commit to a tile.  I wasn’t sold on anything really and couldn’t see going to that expense of time and money if it wasn’t something that I loved.  I wanted a classic look for sure and our granite is busy enough that I wanted something pretty simple.  Subway tile didn’t feel right to me or the hubs.  He is convinced that subway tile is going to be the new 4×4 tile that everyone will end up replacing.   I don’t think he is right about that, but who knows.  I was concerned that subway tile would read too farmhouse for our kitchen.

I was looking through pictures of real estate listings in a nearby town (I sometimes do this for fun) which happens to have some very high-end real estate.  I was totally drawn into the pictures of this beautiful brick colonial with a $5 million price tag (crazy!) because the inside of the house looked so classic and comfortable.  Then I come across the kitchen and completely fell in love.



While I was obsessively looking at the picture I noticed the backsplash and immediately knew that was it.  It’s similar to a beadboard which I love and have used in bathrooms in previous homes, but its wider plank is just a little bit different.  I would love to someday add some wood beams to our kitchen but I was happy to take what small pieces I could from this one now.

I went off to the Home Depot in search of a product to get this affect.  What I a found was the currently very popular shiplap planks.  For shiplap these are installed horizontally, but if I were to turn them vertical I would get the exact look I was going for.

Installing these planks was about 1,001 times easier than tile for me.  I used the jigsaw to cut around the outlets, the miter saw for the lengths, and the brad nailer.


We decided to use a 1/2″ x 3/4″ trim for the bottom, sides and top where there aren’t any cabinets to trim out the planks.

I painted them with a satin enamel custom matched to the cabinets.





The total cost of this project was right at $80!  I saved a bunch of money and got an end result that I could not be happier with!


And lest you think the project went off without a single hitch, here is the proof of the bad jigsaw cut that had to be filled in.




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